Top 10 Personal Finance Control Applications: Functions, Cost + User Ratings

Hello! In this article we will talk about applications for personal finance. Working with personal finances begins with planning. The best option for this is a mobile application. In the article I will talk about the top 10 applications.
I present to you a rating of the top 10 applications for controlling personal finances. Of course, you can cope with a regular Excel spreadsheet, but special programs that track all payments and allow you to plan income and expenses are much more convenient.

Money lover
The most convenient of free applications. With it, you can keep your budget in a few taps. Enter the amount, categories of expenses, plan where you want to spend them, and set limits. Everything else the application does for you.

In 2016 and 2017, she received the award “The Best Money Manager and Budget Management App for Android”.

User ratings: 4.4. Negative reviews most often occur due to technical errors - payments are not synchronized somewhere, somewhere after updates there are small bugs. Developers quickly fix it.

Functions: accounting of all expenses, formation of expenses by categories, setting limits, reminds about debts, saves and transfers information about wallets.

The most convenient thing in this application - charts. You clearly see where the money goes, and what you can save.

How much is: free. There is an extended version, but enough and the usual.

Personal finance
Convenient application for the family budget. If you don’t know what your family’s money goes to, why you can’t save for a big purchase, and in general, how much it costs to get a child to school every year, then Personal Finance is the best option.

User ratings: 4.6. Most often they complain about the lack of new functions and the slow work of technical support. Basically, “A bright app that works great with a family budget.”

Functions: accounting of income and expenses, analysis of current expenses, budget planning with account of expenses for the previous period.

Chip applications - the ability to maintain a joint budget. You can see the waste of each family member.

How much is: free.

Money manager
Convenient and simple application for personal finance. It has open source code, which allows everyone to participate in the refinement. The application is translated into 30 languages.

User Ratings: 4.2. In reviews, they often say that it is impossible to synchronize data between devices. After updates, bills and expenses periodically fly off.

Functions: budget planning for the month and the year ahead; automatic recording of expenses; reporting on any time period; cost forecasting taking into account previous periods.

There are some good charts broken down by categories of spending. Include all costs for the month / year and show what and how much is gone.

How much it costs: the basic version is free. Extended will not be needed.

An interesting application that can automatically generate a credit and expense book for you. You just have to put down the categories of expenses once and periodically edit them. The application will analyze all notifications on the phone, record expenses in the right categories and at the end of the month will tell you what you spent the most.

User ratings: 4.4. Most often there are problems with the automatic processing of SMS. But the reviews show that technical support immediately appeals to users and discards instructions on what to do.

Functions: automatic processing of payment notifications; cost accounting by category; adding comments to payments; expense report.

Feature of the application - automatic processing of notifications from all popular banks. The program analyzes your SMS, puts down a category of expenses and brings them into the system.

How much is: free.

Moneygraph +
In addition to the standard “income and cost accounting” functionality, the application has the option of creating several accounts, transferring money between them, and paying for goods / services.

User ratings: 4.5. Of the shortcomings often indicate problems with synchronization and the lack of hundredths when accounting for expenses.

Functions: scatters costs by category; generates reports; creates several accounts and transfers money between them; You can pay for goods / services online.

The application is focused more on entrepreneurs and freelancers. For normal accounting there are more interesting options.

How much is: free.

An interesting application for conducting corporate finance.

The application was originally intended as an aid for company executives. When an employee leaves for a business trip, you need to know what he spends money on. With this application, it is enough to save the check, score it in the application, and all expenses will be on the screen.

User Ratings: 4.1. Most complaints come precisely on the function of recognition of checks. Sometimes there are some bugs, and the check is just not read. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Functions: finance planning; breakdown of spending by category; plastic card binding; work with corporate cards.

Checks work automatically. You just need to take a photo, and the application will put the costs in the category.
How much it costs: the application is free. There is a paid version, but it is needed for companies that need to control employee waste.

An interesting application for self-control. The main difference from other similar programs is the ability to independently make a plan for spending a month. You specify the category, the amount, and the application shows how you comply with your own plan.

A great option for people who want to learn how to plan expenses. You just drive in the amount, and each time you see in the app how much you can spend.

User ratings: 4.4. The main complaints are in errors in the smartphones of the old version. If you have Android 4 and below, you will have to test whether everything will work fine.

Functions: accounting of all expenses; the ability to break costs by category; sample by category or date; the ability to plan a budget for the month, taking into account the available categories; the ability to maintain a family budget; synchronization between devices.

It is better to use this application as self-checking. You need to save money, which means that you will have to spend less on categories like “entertainment”, “clothing”, and sometimes “products”. The application will show how you stick to your own plans, and where it is worth diminishing your appetites.

How much is: free. Advanced functionality is more convenient, it costs 10 euros, but it is better to buy if you seriously decide to do financial planning with your family.

Money wallet
One of the most high-quality financial accounting applications on the Windows platform. Allows you to plan in a few clicks on your PC or laptop. You can create a financial plan for any date, transfer money at the current rate (you can set up auto-update), schedule payments and collect data on all sources of income.

Given that it is written under Windows - the best in its niche.

User Ratings: 4.3. Key reviews relate to technical issues. Sometimes the full version may fail, add ads, but this is quickly fixed.

Functions: add bills; plan spending; break costs by category (categories have a clear hierarchy that can be edited); You can create a budget for the week, month or year; the ability to indicate income in any currency and convert it at the current rate.

How much is: free. The full version costs 10 euros. It is better to buy if you want to keep a family budget.

Bright application with user-friendly interface. Great for accounting for both personal and family finances. Allows you to group costs into categories, analyze your spending, predict income / expenses and save on what you have long wanted to buy.

User ratings: 4.6. From the negative sides, as usual, they distinguish synchronization between devices, as well as the impossibility to create several accounts for the convenience of calculations.

Functions: the ability to record costs; split the account into several family members; the ability to analyze their spending using graphs and detailed information by category; synchronization with other devices; ability to convert currency at your own rate.

The coolest thing is that there are no intrusive ads in the application. Developers honestly earn money only in the enhanced version.

How much is: free. An extended version costs 22 euros, but not necessarily buy.

Cost track
In GermanyNet, the application is called “Wallet: cost accounting and control, family budget”. Initially planned as a full-fledged application for home accounting. It would be possible to record all income and expenses, transfer money and work with family finances online.

But in one of the latest updates they added the function of recording income and expenses in cryptocurrency, and in the future they want to turn the application into a good helper for investing.

User Ratings: 4.3. Most of the questions from users arise on the free version. On Google Play, it is listed as free, but in reality it’s just a demo version, which is designed for a week.

Functions: cost and revenue accounting; breakdown by category; financial planning; currency conversion; synchronization with other devices.

Another cool thing is the speed of technical support. Almost all questions about the purchase or functionality of the application are resolved within a few hours.

How much is: 40 euros. There is a demo with a limited number of accounts to evaluate the functionality.

Choose an application to taste. They are all similar, only minor details differ. With special applications it will be easier to manage your finances. The service itself calculates how much you spend, how much you need to leave each month for your goals, and shows if you plan your expenses wisely.

Remember! Wealth begins with planning.

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