Profitable and promising business ideas - TOP 38 business ideas in 2019

Hello! Today we are publishing another selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2019. We have divided them by the amount of initial investments, so that it would be easier for you to pick up a profitable business idea based on your finances. At the end of the article we also gave links to other collections of ideas.

Profitable business ideas with investments from 100 000 to 300 000 dollars

Below will be a selection of 13 profitable business ideas with small investments from 100 to 300 thousand dollars.

Business Idea 1 - Opening Paintball Club

Approximate investment - 260 000 dollars.

The essence of this business idea is to open a modern paintball club for outdoor enthusiasts. This sport is gaining popularity among people of different ages who want to get new impressions, emotional discharge. Active paintball is based on building strategies, wanting to touch military disciplines.

Implementation of the idea:

The amount of cash investments depends on the choice of a closed and open area, the number of personnel and the following necessary steps:
  • rental of premises for the winter season;
  • purchase of protective and small inventory;
  • the organization of locker rooms, parking;
  • the acquisition of additional targets, inflatable obstacles for the game.
Experienced organizers suggest starting with a minimum set of 10 sets of equipment, a uniform for players, a gas station for equipping small arms.

You can get income by adjusting the pricing policy of the cost of one game. For example, putting a price of $ 600 per person for a session of 2-3 hours, you can get a profit of at least 50%. The only difficulty is that it takes time to fully return the invested funds. Some savings can be obtained by inviting the owners of beer outlets to cooperate, acquiring part of used equipment, engaging in self-promotion in social networks.

Business Idea 2 - Business on Water Attractions

Approximate investment - 240,000 dollars.

The essence of the idea: the idea of ​​business is to organize a place of entertainment near the reservoir with the help of inflatable attractions. This is a seasonal profitable activity that does not require special training and education. The main problem is the choice of the optimal location for the equipment, which has good throughput and will give a constant load. The attraction is designed for people of different ages, children.

Implementation of the idea:
The main part of expenses falls on the preparation for the opening and the purchase of everything necessary for work:
  • the acquisition of an inflatable attraction, accessories to it;
  • payment of rental accommodation;
  • employee salary;
  • transportation costs.
Placing such a slide or trampoline in a good lively place, you can get a monthly income of $ 100,000. With a total monthly spending of $ 35,000, a profit could reach $ 65,000. The problem lies in the seasonal income generation, which is limited to the summer months. Among the positive features of this idea are the possibility of renting an attraction, ease of storage in the off-season.

Business Idea 3 - Opening a Weekend Tea Shop

The preliminary investment amount is 300,000 dollars.

The essence of this business idea is to organize a stationary trading place for the sale of weighed tea of ​​different varieties. This is a promising sector of work due to the large target audience and the constant demand for products. Offering a wide range of varieties that are known and unusual to taste at reasonable prices, you can purchase a substantial circle of loyal customers and receive a steady income.

The popularization of tea in America is now at its peak. Many stars of show business also promote this natural drink. Many stores have tea ceremonies and tastings of new and unusual varieties. And some stores, in addition to selling tea in bulk, offer exquisite gift baskets, which "to cheer" diverge on the eve of holidays.

Implementation of the idea:

It is recommended to have such a point in high-traffic areas: a hypermarket, an entertainment center, a grocery supermarket. The main cost items for this type of activity are:
  • purchase of inventory for the first period;
  • rental of retail space;
  • purchase of equipment, shop windows;
  • purchase of filling materials.
The most weighty expenditures are accounted for by the purchase of a negotiable product, which goes on sale with a 100% mark-up. The total amount of sales with a good location of the place can reach 200 000 dollars. After calculating the cost, rental deduction and employee wages, a profit of $ 40,000 remains. The increase in income can give an offer of passing goods, some types of spices, coffee or tea accessories.

Business Idea 4 - Opening Culinary School

The amount of investments - 300 000 dollars.

The essence of this project is the opening of a modern school, in which anyone can learn how to cook certain dishes, get acquainted with well-known world recipes. This kind of useful leisure gains particular popularity among people of different ages, housewives and those who want to join the high kitchen of office workers. It is logical to open such a business in large cities, offering thematic courses.

Implementation of the idea:
Opening a school is a costly project at the first stage that requires significant financial injections. Most of the investment falls on the rental of premises, which can be a cafe, a dining room or a large hall with connected communications. In addition, it requires:

modern professional equipment;
several sets of dishes and cooking accessories;
Salary to a qualified chef with regalia.
For the convenience of customers, you can offer one-time programs, weekly or monthly courses, field classes. An average one-day training check is $ 800-1,000. Daily you can work with groups of 10 people. After deduction of all the overhead costs of utilities, every day a school can earn from $ 5,000, fully covering the costs in two to three months.

Business Idea 5 - Opening a massage parlor

Estimated investment - 220 000 dollars.

The basis of the project is the opening of a specialized salon for the provision of preventive and therapeutic massage services for clients. Such a procedure is very popular with visitors of different ages, professions that are serious about their health. Many beauty salons have a good profit from the courses of sculptural massage for weight loss.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a project is distinguished by great competition, so the first place is the choice of a place to work, the qualifications of future employees. Items of expenses will be:
  • purchase of special tables and equipment;
  • purchase of towels, clothes and accessories for work;
  • repair of premises for compliance with sanitary standards;
  • pay staff.
At the initial stage, advertising and salon promotion with the help of leaflets and social networks is necessary. The average price for a popular back massage starts at $ 400. Serving daily at least 6-8 clients, we can talk about a turnover of 3200 dollars. The price includes overhead and administrative expenses in the amount of 50%; therefore, the monthly profit can amount to $ 48,000, which gives an exit to self-sufficiency in half a year.

Detailed instructions on how to open a massage parlor.

Business Idea 6 - Organization of scientific and educational shows for children

Initial costs - up to 150,000 dollars.

The meaning of this interesting idea is in organizing thematic performances, holidays and staging numbers at events for children of different ages and teenagers. This is a new kind of mass entertainment, which consists of enchanting shows based on simple chemical and physical experiments in which small clients can participate. This service is of interest as an alternative to the usual puppet theater or the performance of clowns.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a spectacular project does not require any special financial expenditures when developing all the organizational aspects on your own. The cost plan consists of several items:
  • office rent;
  • purchase of reagents for experiments;
  • costs of inventory, tailoring of costumes;
  • advertising, site content.
Conducting mysterious experiments with lightning, explosions, the manufacture of cotton wool costs customers an average of $ 5,000. It is easy to calculate that when you show 20 such shows per month, the threshold of self-sufficiency will be overcome in 2 months. Considering the considerable cost price and the price of the compositions for the experiments, we can speak about the present income in 4-6 months. Of great importance is the constant advertising, which is not worth saving.

Business Idea 7 - Business on the peeling with Ruff fish

Approximate investments - 170 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is to provide an exotic service of peeling with Ruff fish. This interesting procedure has long been known in expensive beauty salons, where it is popular for pleasure and non-standard. Many clients prefer this type of fichicure to the usual. Miniature fish living in warm countries perfectly remove unnecessary peels, bring a sense of relaxation.

Implementation of the idea:

An unusual business project does not require large financial expenditures. The best option would be a sublease contract with a beauty salon, swimming pool, sauna, or the organization of such a master's workplace at home. For one client, a room of 3-4 square meters is enough. Basic costs:
  • buying a set of fish Rufa;
  • spacious aquarium of a certain shape;
  • a complete set of equipment to create ideal conditions;
  • comfortable chair for customers.
An unusual idea requires mandatory advertising. The minimum price for processing stop fish Rufa starts with $ 600. When providing additional services (pedicure, massage), it can be significantly improved. With an average load and one aquarium, the invested amount can be recouped in less than a year.

Business idea 8 - Making seals and stamps

The cost of investments - from 150,000 dollars.
Production of stamps and seals for enterprises, organizations is a profitable business that is independent of the season and has a constant demand. Given the growth of small business, the constant changes when re-registering and changing the name of the number of clients will invariably increase. An additional income is the production of stamps for archives and libraries.

Implementation of the idea:

To work in the first stage, you can get by with a standard set of sketches, and one trained person can handle the technical work. The main costs associated with opening such a workshop depend on the range of services, the choice of manufacturing technology:
  • rental of premises for work;
  • purchase of computer equipment, special equipment;
  • purchase of consumables;
  • payment of taxes and wages.
Despite the demand for such services, most of the projects pay off not earlier than 8 months, even when located in large cities, and the profitability threshold begins in six months. Given the increasing competition in this market, to increase profits should constantly introduce new methods of manufacturing, modern technological materials and components.

Business idea 9 - Sale of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, vapes

The amount of the initial investment is about 200,000 dollars.

The basis of the business idea is to organize a point of sale of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, wipes, necessary formulations and mixtures for refueling. This is a current type of business activity, absolutely legal and legal, which is able to bring the owner an average income.

Target audience - people of different ages who want to replace real cigarettes, entertainment places and fashionable hookah. The relevance of this idea is also obvious, especially against the background of the introduction of the law to ban smoking in public places. Electronic cigarettes do not smoke, they release steam. In addition, fancy gadgets - this is a great topic for discussion among connoisseurs of vape culture.

Implementation of the idea:

The best option for opening such a store would be to use a franchise, which will solve the problem with the delivery of goods and support for the first time. At the opening stage, the main costs fall on the following items:
  • rental of premises for a retail outlet;
  • purchase of the first batches of products;
  • minimal set of equipment and furniture.
The cheapest e-cigarettes have a price of 400 dollars. Therefore, when selling 4,000,000 products a day, we can talk about switching to full self-sufficiency after two months of stable sales. Under conditions of great competition in this sector, it is necessary to conduct active advertising, regular promotions, discounts to attract customers.

Business Idea 10 - Sale of Pre-Packed Honey

Approximate investment - from 150 000 dollars.

The general essence of the proposed business idea is to organize the process of purchasing fresh honey at farm apiaries, packing it and selling it through outlets. The relevance is due to the constant increase in demand for high-quality and natural products among residents of the metropolis, which are practically not found in modern supermarkets.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement the project, it is necessary to find several bee farms that will provide raw materials, as well as:
  • rent space for work;
  • purchase packing equipment;
  • find a supplier of new packaging;
  • develop and order stickers in a printing house.
An additional item of expenditure will be the maintenance of the car, staff. The main options for the market: retail chain stores, wholesale buyers, own point of sale.

An approximate calculation of profit can be made on the basis of one kilogram of a sweet product: by purchasing it at a price of $ 500 per kilogram, it is possible to pack it in a container of 200 grams. The implementation of each can at a price of $ 200 allows you to increase profits to $ 1,000. Subtracting from this amount the cost of honey, packaging, overhead and organizational costs, you can get a significant income of 300-400 dollars per kilogram. Good savings are obtained when you bring family members, your own car, or your room to the process.

Among the disadvantages of this project is its seasonality, which will not allow making a profit year-round.

Business Idea 11 - Improvement and decoration of the territory

The initial investment is from 150,000 dollars.

At the core of the business idea is the organization of the complete process of refining the territory with tile laying, asphalting of individual sections, installation of fences and breaking up flower beds. This service is in demand among the owners of private houses, shops, leisure centers and industrial enterprises who want to arrange beautifully the paths, the parking zone or to elevate the appearance of the adjacent plot.

Implementation of the idea:

Construction materials are purchased by the project’s customer, therefore the main financial items of an entrepreneur’s expenses are:
  • the purchase of the necessary tool for the work;
  • payroll to employees;
  • maintenance of office space and warehouse for storage of inventory;
  • transportation services.
The cost of services must be calculated on the basis of an estimate, which should take into account taxes, all time costs, depreciation and amortization of construction equipment. The calculation is made for the convenience of the client per square meter. The amount of profit is also included in the estimated cost and is at least 20%.

A certain disadvantage of this project is the complete absence of orders in the winter. This period should be devoted to finding customers, advertising and learning new technologies.

Business Idea 12 - Making Photo Books

The amount of the initial investment - 150 000 dollars.

An interesting and enjoyable business of making photo books is available for people who want to engage in creative work. New service is in demand among young parents, couples and wedding photographers. It consists in making an individual memorable album of a book format from customer's photos.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement the project does not require a huge room, and the main costs consist of several items:
  • buying the necessary machine for printing;
  • purchase of equipment for manual processing of albums;
  • training courses in binding and photo collages;
  • advertising services;
  • purchase of consumables.
Such a project is perfect for implementation in a small city, thanks to the ability to work with orders via the Internet. Determining the cost of one printed page is easy to assume a profit. For example, stating the price of a sheet and cover in hardcover of $ 100 and $ 500, respectively, you can determine the price of one photobook at $ 1,500. If the costs amounted to $ 600, then each simple order will generate an income of $ 900. To attract customers and increase the price, you should add original covers, photo processing.

Business Idea 13 - Sports Nutrition Store

Initial investment - 150,000 dollars.

Such a project is the purchase of suppliers of sports nutrition, its implementation through its own store with a premium. The relevance of the business is due to the increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle, the cult of a beautiful physique and a certain fashion for relief muscles. Sports nutrition is in demand among young people who want to stick to a specific diet.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of such a store will be profitable in a city with a large number of gyms, health centers and sections. Shopping areas in hypermarkets, subleasing in a large store or cooperation with the sporting goods department can be good entry points. To complete the work you will need:
  • small room;
  • purchase of a trial batch of goods;
  • trading equipment and racks;
  • advertising.
The average trade margin on such a product is 50%. With a monthly turnover of $ 100,000, the net income of $ 20,000 remains after deducting the seller’s salary, transportation and advertising costs. Taking on the functions of the seller, engaged in delivery, the project owner can significantly reduce these costs.

Profitable and relevant business ideas with investments from 300,000 to 500,000 dollars

Below will be a selection of 14 profitable business ideas with investments from 300 to 500 thousand dollars that are relevant now.

Business Idea 14 - Stretch Ceilings

Preliminary investments - not less than 300 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea lies in the organization of a complete production process for manufacturing stretch ceilings of any size and type as ordered by clients. The urgency of opening such an enterprise is due to the growing interest in this type of interior decoration. Homeowners and designers choose ceilings due to the practicality and availability of this element of decor. Impractical and short-lived whitening is a thing of the past, but modern technologies are only gaining momentum, each year only increasing demand.

Implementation of the idea:

To translate the idea, it is necessary to select an optimally sized industrial premises, purchase the necessary equipment. Additional investments will require:
  • purchase of high quality raw materials (film);
  • staff salaries;
  • advertising costs, site content.
To save money at the beginning of work, it is worthwhile to dwell on cooperation with wholesale buyers, construction and design companies, in order to abandon the content of the installation team.

According to the results of the work of the majority of enterprises producing stretch ceilings, we can talk about profitability at the level of 31%, the project self-sufficiency in six months, provided that the capacity utilization is medium.

Instructions for opening a business on the stretch ceiling.

Business Idea 15 - Opening a Kono-Pizza Point

The approximate amount of investments is 270,000 dollars.

The essence of the plan is the discovery and equipment of a small stationary point for baking and selling kono-pizza. This is a relatively new type of fast food, which is gaining popularity due to the perfect combination of consumer-loved taste and convenient form of product presentation. The relevance of the project is supported by the novelty of the product and the lack of great competition.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a point should be opened in places of large concentrations of potential customers: transport stops, stadiums and amusement parks, train stations. The main part of the money required to purchase the necessary equipment and the stall itself:
  • thermal showcase for kono-pizza;
  • oven;
  • special press.
With proper study of the target audience and determination of the place of trade, the monthly sales volume of kono-pizza can be at least 3000 pieces. Having laid income at the level of 30% in the cost of the finished product of $ 90, you can fully recoup the opening of the project for the first 4 months of stable work. Savings can be achieved at the first stage by replacing the stationary kiosk with a more mobile mobile counter, offering its tasty products at city and children's holidays.

Business idea 16 - Sale of milk through dairy machines

Preliminary cost - up to 200,000 dollars.

The essence of the project is the purchase of high-quality fresh milk from the manufacturer, its implementation to consumers through a special molkomat. This type of sale of a useful product is stable in popularity in Europe, the United States and is equipped with devices that dispense milk in the customer’s container without the slightest intervention of the seller. The relevance of the business is due to the minimal competition in this sector, the desire of consumers to get high-quality healthy products.

Implementation of the idea:

For implementation, you will need to purchase a compact device - molkomat. In addition, you should:
  • rent a small area to install it;
  • conclude an agreement with a milk producer who works with such installations;
  • ensure a constant supply of raw materials.
The level of income depends on the daily turnover of milk. High performance can be achieved by installing a molkomat in places of a large flow of customers: halls of clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, shopping mall areas. It is important to ensure strict quality control and product freshness in order to create a stream of loyal customers. The problem is created by distrust of consumers on such installations, and the difficulty of working with them in the elderly.

Business Idea 17 - Opening Makeup School

Preliminary investment - 200 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is to create conditions for learning for all who wish to the basics of cosmetology services through specially designed courses. The relevance of such a project emphasizes the constantly increasing demand for the work of masters of the beauty industry, henna tattoo, makeup artists and browists among clients and salon owners.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of the school of makeup requires a relatively low financial investment, but can bring a good income when properly set goals:
  • attracting famous masters as teachers;
  • holding master classes with interesting guests;
  • curriculum development with recent advances and technology.
The main costs are spent on renting and equipping the premises for class, the salaries of the masters, the purchase of consumables for study. With an average cost of courses of 10,000 for several days, a one-day master class of $ 2500, such courses can be paid back in a few months. The main task is to create a positive image, work on the quality of training material and the constant introduction of new relevant disciplines.

Business Idea 18 - Discovery Coworking Center

Minimum costs - from 500,000 dollars.

The essence of such a business project is the opening of a specially equipped place for conducting negotiations, business meetings, mini-offices, creating conditions for the work of visitors. Such centers are widespread in many large cities of developed countries, helping to save on renting an office for budding entrepreneurs, lawyers, and freelancers. The urgency of such a project is the minimum decent competition in the market.

Implementation of the idea:

To open you need to find the largest and most spacious room, next to which is located a traffic intersection, parking. To organize a co-working center, you must:
  • purchase a variety of furniture for leisure, work;
  • purchase office equipment;
  • to ensure the highest possible quality of communication, the Internet.
Such a center will not bring a quick return on investment. It will require constant advertising of services, attracting customers through discounts and gradual price increases. Income can be obtained from the provision of premises for large organizational events. Coworking is a business project rather for the future, which may soon begin to bring a decent profit.

Business Idea 19 - Opening the climbing wall

The minimum investment is 350,000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is to organize a special attraction indoors, imitating the rise on the rocks, providing everyone with sports and entertainment services based on it. Modern modular complexes make it possible to place such a climbing wall in small rooms. The relevance of this attraction is due to the increased interest of young people in this sport, the desire to get new emotions, to relieve psychological stress.

Implementation of the idea:

The main expenses for the organization and implementation of such a project:
  • Rent suitable for the height and size of the room;
  • purchase and installation of special mobile modules;
  • wages to coaches with appropriate mountaineering skills.
Placing such a climbing wall in large shopping centers, amusement parks, next to the places of youth entertainment, you can quickly get the first profit. With an average cost per hour of classes $ 800 and 50% of the load on an attraction, you can earn up to $ 500,000 per month. This is possible after a high-quality advertising campaign, the creation of conditions for simultaneous occupations of several clients, and visiting shifts in summer recreation areas.

Business Idea 20 - Opening a massage parlor

The minimum investment is 300,000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the opening of a specially equipped salon for the provision of various types of massage services: health, beauty or modeling. Given the growing interest in observing the trends of a healthy lifestyle, the great demand for the work of a good masseur, such a salon can bring a stable income in any season.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement such a project, it is necessary to invest the main amount of funds in the rental of premises in the area with good transport interchange for the convenience of customers, as well as:
  • purchase special tables and massage chairs;
  • buy furniture and place a waiting room;
  • equip indoor offices, rooms for staff.
A large item of expenditure can be the wages of masters, their regular retraining for advanced training, the purchase of cosmetics. But the salon can bring an excellent income, if we take into account the minimum cost of a simple massage of $ 250, anti-cellulite - $ 500. Having provided 50% of the workload of 5 jobs, the daily profit can range from 6,000 to 10,000 dollars or up to 300,000 dollars a month, which will help to quickly recoup the investment.

Business Idea 21 - Opening a fitness club

The minimum investment is 500,000 dollars.

The essence of the project is the opening of an equipped gym, the attraction of professional coaches to cooperation, the provision of related services. This type of business is relevant in connection with the increase in demand and the popularization of an active lifestyle, a beautiful taut body. A modern fitness club, whose target audience consists of middle class visitors, will enjoy a stable interest from clients of different age categories.

Implementation of the idea:

To open a small fitness club will require an equipped room in a densely populated area, near the bus stop. Most of the financial investments will go to:
  • purchase of high-quality professional simulators;
  • equipping the fitness club with exercise equipment;
  • re-equipment of changing rooms, showers, recreation areas for staff and clients.
The average cost of one hour of classes in such an institution starts from $ 100. If you achieve an average number of visitors from 50 people per day, you can talk about the minimum monthly profit of 150,000 dollars. With such work, he will begin to pay off in about the second year of his work. You can earn extra income from subleasing a place for a massage or beauty parlor.

Instructions on how to open a fitness club.

Business Idea 22 - Donut Production

The initial investment is 500,000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the organization of a small stationary point for baking donuts with various fillings, their implementation to consumers. The modern fast food market with high competition requires new players to be extraordinary. Therefore, the production of this type of product can be a good investment.

Implementation of the idea:

To open a small cafe or a fast food tent should be close to the places where there is a large gathering of consumers: large shopping centers, recreation parks, close to university buildings or the station. To implement the project you will need:
  • the acquisition of commercial and industrial equipment;
  • buying furniture for visitors;
  • design of an attractive place of sale;
  • salary to employees.
In the case of the organization of the process in the street, a specialized van, a tent will become the replacement for the room. The device can produce from 250 to 600 tasty products per hour. By correctly combining a place of trade, a large selection of fillings, quality service, you can achieve high profits by laying a 100% trade mark on some types of donuts.

Business Idea 23 - Opening Design Studio

Preliminary investments - 300 000 dollars.

The essence of this project is the opening of a small bureau or studio that provides services for the development of interior design projects that accompany them during the implementation phase. Such services are becoming increasingly popular against the background of the growing interest in individuality, the originality of repairs in residential and commercial premises, and the increasing wealth of a certain part of the population.

Implementation of the idea:

The main expense item is a well-equipped and properly located office. The best place will be the business center, non-residential premises in the central area with convenient transportation. To organize the process you will need:
  • office equipment, high power personal computers;
  • licensed programs;
  • furniture for staff, meeting rooms with customers.
In most cases, the salary of employees depends on the number and total amount of orders, and the owner is an experienced designer who is capable of leading serious projects at the initial stage. The initial cost of developing an individual design ranges from $ 1,000 per 1 m2. Therefore, the profitability of such a studio depends only on the talent of employees and a good advertising component.

Business Idea 24 - Opening a jewelry workshop

Initial investment - from 400 000 dollars.

The project is based on the idea of ​​equipping a modern jewelry workshop, which provides services to the public for cleaning, repairing expensive jewelry, manufacturing exclusive and original products. Such a business project will be relevant due to low competition and consistently high demand for precious metal products.

Implementation of the idea:

Place for opening should be chosen carefully, located near jewelry stores or renting a few meters in the salons of jewelry. This will help to solve the problem of security and the constant flow of customers who want to fit a ring or bracelet after purchase.

The main costs in the implementation of the idea are:
  • purchase of modern equipment and tools for repair;
  • design of the premises, windows and waiting areas for customers;
  • advertising costs, signage;
  • payment for services to a qualified employee.
Most of the proposed jewelry repair services are inexpensive, so you can have a high income only by working for a good reputation, fulfilling orders with high quality and on time. This will help to attract customers for more expensive exclusive orders, which can make up a significant part of the profits and help the project pay off in the minimum amount of time.

Business Idea 25 - Skydiving
The minimum investment is 400,000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the discovery of a compact drop zone for organizing a full cycle of skydiving, including training beginners and training professional teams. The growing interest in adrenaline sports and outdoor activities makes this kind of business quite relevant. There is little competition in the market for such services, which allows you to quickly occupy a free niche.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of the project will require large investments due to the features of the organization:
  • rent of the runway, the conclusion of the contract with the organization, carrying out flights and having the appropriate license;
  • purchase of special equipment and uniforms;
  • salary team instructors;
  • the cost of ensuring a comfortable stay of customers.
The minimum level of profitability of such a dropzone is at least 10% and reaches 60% for well-known and stable workers. Additional income can be obtained from the provision of comprehensive training services for professional teams, excursions, arranging a small campsite or organizing fast food in the territory of the jump zone. The disadvantage is the seasonality of this business project and the search for real professionals to work as instructors.

Business Idea 26 - Opening Cafe on Wheels

The minimum investment is 450,000 dollars.

The essence of this project is the opening of a fully equipped mobile cafe in an equipped trailer, an offer to visitors of fresh fast food and drinks. The choice of product variant (patties, shawarma, pancakes, hot sandwiches) should be made after a thorough analysis of the market for similar services in the city. Such a project will be relevant only with proper selection of a location for implementation.

Implementation of the idea:

To open the best option in terms of cost and convenience will be the purchase of an equipped and re-equipped trailer that has access to minimal utilities, a furnace, a display case. In addition, it requires certain costs:
  • purchase of high-quality semi-finished products;
  • salary of the seller;
  • payment for the lease of land.
Such points are profitable to open near areas with high traffic: railway stations, markets, bus stations and clinics. With an average check of 30 dollars and a minimum number of customers of 200 people per day, we can talk about a good daily turnover of 6,000 dollars. This will allow recouping the project in 4-5 months, especially with the continuous development of the range and high quality of service.

Detailed business plan cafes on wheels.

Business Idea 27 - Opening a mini-coffee shop

The minimum investment is 400,000 dollars.

The essence of the business idea is the arrangement of a small coffee shop for the preparation of several varieties and types of coffee, its implementation to consumers in a convenient container. Such practical mini-coffee shops are especially popular among fans of flavored drinks of different ages. The relevance of this type of business is possible when choosing the optimal location, organization of quality and fast service.

Implementation of the idea:

For a successful project, an excellent option would be a small mobile coffee shop without tables for visitors or a franchise agreement with a well-known and established brand. The second option makes it easier to search tasks:
  • suppliers of raw materials for work, packaging materials;
  • employee training;
  • execution of necessary documents;
  • acquisition of equipment for the preparation and sale of the drink.
In most cases, it is impossible to achieve high profits without offering visitors additional services: snacks, pastries, original fillers and additives. Excellent profitability is the level of 40%, which will pay back the project in 4 months, but requires maintaining a high rate of work.

Detailed business plan coffee house.
Instructions on how to open a coffee shop.

Perspective and successful business ideas with investments from 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars

Successful business ideas
Below will be a selection of 11 promising and successful business ideas with investments ranging from 500 thousand dollars to 1,000,000 dollars. Although investments and up to a million, it is still considered a small business.

Business Idea 28 - Opening a school of foreign languages

Estimated investment - 500 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the opening of a specialized school for the deep study of foreign languages, the development of comprehensive or individual training programs. Such a project can bring good profits and does not require large financial expenditures. The demand for such knowledge is constantly growing, making this business relevant.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of training courses begins with obtaining a compulsory license and searching for premises. It should be located close to transport stops, have several isolated rooms, facilities for students and staff. To ensure the learning process is required:
  • purchase of comfortable furniture;
  • development and production of working materials;
  • advertising to attract customers;
  • selection of decent staff.
The profitability of such a language business project is quite high. If the average cost of one class hour in a group ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000, then a group of 5 people will earn $ 1,500– $ 5,000. Individual student training, which costs at least $ 600 per hour, is in great demand. Daily courses can bring from 9000 dollars, helping to fully recoup the cost of school for 2-3 months.

Business Idea 29 - Maternity Clothes Shop

The minimum investment amount is $ 600,000.
The essence of the project is the opening of a comfortable store offering clothes and accessories for pregnant women. In such a special period there is a need for a comfortable and high-quality wardrobe, various additions to it. Many women do not save on health, choosing for themselves the best products. The idea should be implemented in cities with a large population, where there are potential buyers with average incomes.

Implementation of the idea:

This store is better to have in the central area of ​​the city near bus stops. You can rent a ready-made trading place in a well-known supermarket. Neighborhood with the departments of toys or children's products will give a good effect. To do this, you need to equip comfortable fitting rooms for expectant mothers, purchase a small set of equipment, shelves and mirrors.

To obtain a stable income should focus on pregnant women with different financial capabilities. The size of the trading margin can vary from 30 to 100% depending on the size of the product and its initial value. The most favorable months are March and August, when it is time to update your wardrobe.

Business idea 30 - Production of self-leveling floors

The minimum investment amount is $ 1,000,000.

The essence of the business project is the opening of an enterprise that provides comprehensive services for the production of self-leveling floor of different configurations for private and corporate clients. The service is becoming increasingly popular in the construction and design of many design projects. In this sector of the market there is a certain competition, therefore it is better to start a business under a franchise agreement with a well-known company.

Implementation of the idea:

The main technical works for the manufacture and installation of self-leveling floors are carried out at the customer’s facility, so there is no need to equip a special workshop. It is better to rent an office near a bus stop or subway station, focusing on the comfort of potential customers. In addition, certain costs will require:
  • training of workers at specialized courses, their retraining;
  • the acquisition of the necessary equipment and tools;
  • advertising services in the region.
The profitability of the project for the production of self-leveling floors is 40–50%, which helps to have a monthly net profit of 120,000–150,000 dollars. If you independently manage the project without acquiring a franchise, it can cover the investment in 4–6 months.

Business Idea 31 - Car Tuning Workshop

Initial investment - 700,000 dollars.

The essence of the business project is the opening of a specialized center that provides services for external and internal tuning of cars of any brand. Many motorists resort to refitting their cars, wanting to make it more powerful or to give personality. Such workshops are popular among middle-income car enthusiasts.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement the idea you need to rent a large room, which will be adapted for the repair of machines. In addition to the hall with holes, it is necessary to have a demonstration room for working with clients and recreation staff. A successful workshop should provide a wide range of services:
  • airbrushing (drawing pictures);
  • interior decoration, upholstery replacement;
  • exterior tuning, changing external parts;
  • technical modifications of the units.
The cost of services of such workshops is sometimes comparable to the price of an inexpensive car, but the demand for them is consistently high. The minimum cost of airbrushing starts from $ 6,000 per 1 square. m., and the full equipment of the jeep can reach the amount of 700,000 dollars. A good atelier with an integrated approach to work brings the owner more than $ 1,000,000 annually, quickly reimbursing the invested capital.

Business Idea 32 - Opening an ultrasound diagnosis cabinet

Minimum investment - 1 million dollars.

The essence of the business project is the opening of an equipped private office with modern ultrasound equipment to provide diagnostic services to the public. Without this type of examination it is impossible to get quality treatment. The relevance of this idea is due to the large queues in urban hospitals and the lack of good equipment in them.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a project should be handled by an experienced diagnostician who can engage a partner to ensure continuous reception of patients. To provide diagnostic services, a special medical license is required. The main item of expenditure is the acquisition of a modern ultrasound machine with many functions. This is not worth saving, in order to be able to conduct complex, costly research for those who wish. A portable home appliance will add customers in dire need of such services.

Despite the high cost of a high-quality ultrasound machine, the daily turnover of the cabinet reaches 15,000–20,000 dollars. With a monthly income of 450,000 dollars, the invested amount will pay off in just 2-3 months of stable work.

Business Idea 33 - Hookah Discovery

Minimum investment - from 500 000 dollars.
The essence of the idea is the opening of an entertainment venue that specializes in smoking hookahs. This popular form of recreation is relevant among young people and middle-aged people. Such establishments can exist as part of a modern restaurant or be a separate hookah. The second option has a more economical budget and is a non-standard way of spending leisure time in a cozy atmosphere.

Implementation of the idea:

The optimal location would be such a hookah bar in the central part of the city near the famous restaurants or cafes. After dinner, visitors to these places will happily move to a hookah room, where they can enjoy light drinks, snacks and smoke a fragrant hookah. Increasingly popular are joint projects with owners of expensive clubs or restaurants that provide sites for their establishments to work for sublease.

To get started, it is enough to purchase a set of four hookahs and the necessary accessories for them. The main focus should be on the style, design and advertising hookah, to ensure a constant flow of customers. This will help fully recoup the institution in a year.

Detailed article on how to open hookah.

Business Idea 34 - Opening a Pastry Shop

Minimum investment - 580 000 dollars.

The essence of the project is the opening of an equipped confectionery shop. Such a small store will offer its customers interesting pastries, chocolate surprises or other types of sweets (jam, honey, ice cream). The relevance of a business project is due to the stable demand for similar products among consumers with different incomes.

Implementation of the idea:

It is better to open a pastry shop in a residential area near bus stops, exits from the metro or child care facilities. This will help ensure a flow of loyal customers at any time of the day. The main amount of the initial investment will be needed:
  • for renting premises;
  • equipping it with necessary furniture and equipment;
  • purchase of food stocks for trade.
An additional income can be given by the opening of a mini-cafeteria with 2-3 tables, which will allow visitors to drink coffee and soft drinks. Shopping assortment can be supplemented with several types of tea or coffee in gift packages. With an average cross-country capacity of 150-200 people per day with a minimum check for $ 50, such a business project can pay for itself in a few months.

Instructions on how to open a candy store.

Business Idea 35 - Opening Sushi Bar

The minimum investment is 600,000 dollars.

The essence of the business project is the opening of a small cafe that specializes in serving Japanese cold dishes. The popularity of sushi menus among people of different ages and wealth every year shows a steady growth. Such an original institution with a non-standard assortment can quickly acquire regular customers.

Implementation of the idea:

You can implement the project yourself or with the involvement of a franchise from a well-known company. In the second case, most organizational and legal issues will be resolved without difficulty. With the sole opening of a sushi bar entrepreneur will need:
  • comfortable room with a small kitchen;
  • purchase of stylized furniture and decor items;
  • training chefs and their skills.
Sushi menu has a large number of cold snacks, which require special kitchen equipment and storage conditions. Savings can be achieved at the conclusion of a contract with suppliers of seafood, often offering free branded refrigerators or thermoses. With an average trading margin of 100 to 300% and a profitability of 50-60%, the sushi bar will fully pay for the investment in 5-6 months.

Business Idea 36 - Rental and Installation of Billboards

The minimum investment is $ 1 million.

The essence of the project is the installation and subsequent maintenance of special billboards (billboards) for renting them out. This idea is relevant for implementation in cities of any type. Information placement services are in demand among many enterprises, trade organizations and individuals. The latter are increasingly resorting to this method of processing their congratulations or messages.

Implementation of the idea:

To organize a business project on working with billboards you will need to solve several production issues:

make banners by yourself or order the design from specialized organizations;
obtain permission for their placement in certain places from local authorities in compliance with all legal norms;
rent an office space in a convenient area for customers;
hire qualified personnel able to control the quality of information on the board.
This affects the total initial cost. Profitability depends entirely on the location of the billboard. The rental price can start from $ 10,000 per week. Profit and payback period of the project is calculated on the basis of the number of billboards that are at the company's disposal.

Business Idea 37 - Opening Pancake

The minimum investment is 900,000 dollars.

The essence of the business project is the opening of a small fast-food company specializing in making pancakes as the main dish on the menu. A hearty and inexpensive snack in Russian traditions can be a good substitute for the usual fast food. Hot pancakes are served in portions with delicious additions, original fillings and drinks. This market is at a growth stage, so this idea can become profitable and relevant.

Implementation of the idea:

The best format for a pancake can be the organization of a small snack bar on a square rented in a shopping center with a steady stream of customers. In this case, the choice to be made:
  • open pancake yourself;
  • to attract a popular brand franchise.
Both options have certain subtleties and positives. For any chosen form, the main costs will be: the acquisition of equipment for the kitchen and the process of trade, the design of the dining area, and the remuneration of personnel. With good traffic and an average check of 200–300 dollars from one visitor, daily revenue may start from 6000 dollars. The payback time of such a project is in the range of one to two years.

Instructions on how to open a pancake.

Business Idea 38 - Opening Karaoke Bar

The minimum cost is $ 1,000,000.

The essence of the business project is the opening of an entertainment venue with professional equipment for visitors to play karaoke. A trendy way of spending time with friends is popular. There is a steady, albeit small increase in the market for such entertainment services. Regional entrepreneurs are particularly interested in opening such recreation places, where karaoke bars are an interesting and fresh type of family leisure.

Implementation of the idea:

The best format will be a small cafe with 10–12 tables, which will offer karaoke services, good food and affordable prices to visitors. The main part of the costs at the opening stage is the purchase of high-quality equipment and installation, taking into account all acoustic requirements. The original design of the hall and an improvised scene will help to create an interesting image.

This idea is easier to implement in cities with a large population. This will help ensure a daily flow of visitors. The average bill, taking into account the ordered dishes can be 1500-1800 dollars. During the evening karaoke bar brings the owner from 50 000 dollars. Given the large investments at the initial stage, the karaoke establishment will pay off within 2.5–3 years.

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